Frequently Asked Questions

How often you update iMailTalk? How can I update my current iMailTalk installation to a new version?

One of iMailTalk’s core feature areas is user’s language (and characteristic) in email communication which is still very new to world’s application. We have a lot of great ideas and we are excited to bring the improvements and new features of iMailTalk to users as soon as possible, so you can expect a new version is released every month.

To employ a new version of iMailTalk, just get the new version from iMailTalk website, uninstall the old version, and install the new one. All your existing license key and iMailTalk data will be preserved.

How is the payment processed and is my financial info safe?

All payments of iMailTalk purchase are processed through PayPal, the world largest and most trusted Internet payment company. iMailTalk does not keep or even see any financial information of the customer, so your financial (credit/ debit card) info is as safe as all the information safety measurements of PayPal.

Can I upgrade my iMailTalk software to a higher edition?

Yes, you can upgrade your iMailTalk product edition anytime. Just visit iMailTalk Shop page, purchase a higher edition license, and use the license info in the email sent to you to register for the new edition.

Is my existing iMailTalk data preserved if I change the license or reinstall iMailTalk?

Yes, your existing iMailTalk data is preserved when you change iMailTalk license edition or reinstall the product.

My trial license of iMailTalk expired, what do I do to continue using the product?

You can purchase a commercial license of iMailTalk to enjoy rich features of the software and the support services from iMailTalk team. When you purchase a license, the system will send you an email containing license info which you will use to register the license for your product.

If basic features of the software satisfies you, you can get the free, community edition of iMailTalk. You will need to uninstall the trial version and install the community copy. Your iMailTalk data will be preserved.

What is the community (free) version of iMailTalk?

We offer a community (free) version of iMailTalk which includes basic, essential features so anyone can use the product to improve performance in email communication.  You can get a copy of iMailTalk community version here.

How can I evaluate the software before buying?

We have a 14-day trial, full-featured version of iMailTalk which allows you to fully evaluate the software before buying a commercial license. You can download the trial version following this link

What versions of Outlook does iMailTalk support?

Current version of iMailTalk Add-In for Outlook works with MS Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 (desktop) version on Windows 8 and Windows 10. We are working to extend the support cover to Outlook 2007 and Outlook 365.

Is my data safe? What’s your stance on privacy?

iMailTalk processes (extracts, transform and aggregates) data in your emails to derives necessary data for the analytics and text prediction (Smart Typing) functionalities. All the derived data are encrypted and stored locally on your device (just like your email data) so your data is safe.

Regarding privacy, please read our privacy statement