• Achieve better results in every conversation

    Speak positive and appropriate language to your contacts

  • Make your email communication more effective

    Get insights of your email correspondence, and improve

  • Compose emails faster and more accurately

    Use of smart and contextual text suggestions while typing

What is iMailTalk?


iMailTalk is a tool helps email user improve email productivity and communication effectiveness.
A pioneer software that employs modern data analytics and artificial intelligence in email mining, iMailTalk assists user compose highly effective emails faster, get insights of email correspondences and understand the language used in conversations with contacts.

All the cool features come in one software for boosting your email communication.

What iMailTalk Helps You?

Get insights of your email communication

How many emails you initiated, replied or forwarded to a contact and vice versa? What is the pattern in email responding (replying) time between you and the contact? Do you and the contact use similar words in conversations? Those are just few of essential questions in email communication that only iMailTalk can give you the clear and thorough answers through insight analytics.

Know the language of your conversations

“Speak positive language”, “speak customer’s language”… are important to today business communication. How would you find the languages of yourself and your contacts in email conversations? iMailTalk provides in-depth analysis of words used, parts of speech and sentiment of conversations, which helps you understand languages of both sides, and from that identify necessary improvements.

Compose highly effective emails fast

You’d love to write highly effective email with proper wording and mindful sentiment but you don’t have much time for it? iMailTalk can help you. The Smart Typing provides you with smart suggestions of words, phrases and sentences for inserting into email’s body while you are typing, and Sentiment Check lets you know positive and negative words in you email. With iMailTalk’s support you can deliver highly effective emails to contacts even in busiest time.

Uncover gems in your backyard

iMaiTalk relies on data in your mailbox to offer you with sound features. Technically your emails through years are big data indeed and they keep valuable information behind. iMailTalk is the only application uncovers gems in your emails and transforms them into valuable insights which can benefit you a lot. The extracted data are encrypted, and stored locally like your emails so privacy and security shout not be a concern.

Feature: Communication Analytics

Communication Analytics gives insights of your communication, either with a particular contact, a group of contacts or with all contacts.

  • Statistical numbers of emails, words and average words per email communicated with contact(s). Factors are breakdown by mail composing types (initiated/ replied/forwarded)
  • Statistics of response time of replying emails – how many and percentage of mails replied within 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour… and so on
  • List of most frequently used words of both user and contact in their conversations. Number and percentage of same words that are both used
  • Use of group (type) of contact (e.g. co-worker, customer, supplier…) enables the analysis more robust and effective
  • Analysis numbers and benchmarks of email communication between user and a particular contact, a contact group, and all contacts
  • All-time summary and periodic reports provide clear picture on overall and variance over time range, with flexible period options (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly)

Feature: Language Analytics

Language Analytics helps you understand in-depth the language aspects of your and contacts in conversations.

  • List of your and contacts’ words used with use frequency, parts of speech and word sentiment attributes
  • Statistics on how much some top words contribute to total times of words used, for example top 1000 words might contribute to 70% – 80% of all used times.
  • Report on variance in use of particular words over a time range, made in way of comparison between your and contacts’ data.
  • Parts of speech analysis suggests the habits or patterns of you and contacts in using type of words, e.g. noun, verb, adjective… in writing emails.
  • Sentiment-word analysis provides hints about sentiment aspect of your and contacts in communication, e.g. how much you use positive/ negative words in your email conversations.
  • Check of positive/ negative words helps you compose highly positive emotional and effective emails.
  • Periodic reports with flexible period options (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.

Feature: Smart Typing

iMailTalk Smart Typing is an advanced text prediction feature which will help boost your productivity and accuracy in composing emails.

  • Smart Typing offers up to four levels of text suggestions – single word, two-word, three-word and sentence while you are typing (other text prediction apps usually provide only single word suggestions)
  • Suggested sentence can be flexibly inserted into email composing window – whole sentence or only text from matched point
  • Smart Typing’s text prediction bases on your past writing as well as current email context, this enables you to have texts that you just look for.
  • Flexible and various options for insertion of presenting texts into writing window: Enter or Tab key, mouse-click or combination of Control + Numeric key
  • Easily active (turn-on) or deactivate (turn-off) Smart Typing feature with application wide settings or in email composing window

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Hear what customers talk about iMailTalk

"Great product for enhancing business operations outcomes. iMailTalk helped our team a lot in our never-ending email communications with the clients worldwide by bringing conversation processes to much more advanced and efficient level. I would recommend this tool for every fast developing company to leverage simple and innovative iMailTalk solution."
Anna DoroshenkoCEO
CEE, Ukraine
"I am using iMailTalk in my email correspondences and I can see its visible helpfulness. I can compose emails faster, and know when I should respond to a contact's message. An excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone who uses email for daily communication with colleagues and partners."

Hien LamExecutive Deputy Rector
Lac Hong University
"As a Chemicals trader, I exchange emails a lot with suppliers and customers. Concise and targeted marketing responses are crucial to my business. iMailTalk helps me and my team to achieve both with minimum time and effort. An excellent tool that I recommend to all SMEs."

Phil LeBEZ Company

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